JK Plastics has three focal services available:

Waste management solutions for plastic waste
JK Plastics works with businesses providing environmentally sustainable plastic waste management solutions for plastic waste. Through a process which involves, collection, sorting and reprocessing, JK Plastics turns plastic scrap into a recyclable entity. JK Plastics resource recovery supports:

  • Businesses - by reducing costs associated with General Waste
  • Environment - eliminating plastics entering landfill & conserving natural resources.
  • Local Economy - through locally downstreaming part of our reprocessed product.

Collection Service
JK Plastics provides vessels for plastic collections and a collection schedule to suit the individual needs of the client. Alternatively JK Plastics also has a drop off option at the St Marys Facility.

View our specific program page to see our Bumper Bar Collection Program & drumMUSTER Chemical Drum Program.

Some of the products we recycle

  • Bread & Milk Crates
  • Bumper Bars
  • Flower Crates
  • Garden Pots
  • PP Packaging
  • Bulka Bags
  • Packaging Film
  • PE Poly Pipe
  • Plastic Drums
  • Truck Mud Guards
  • Wheelie Bins
  • Plastic Pallets